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Wildlife Cameras

This is where we will talk about why Covert makes the best cameras for wildlife enthusiasts. We will make sure we use plenty of keywords so that search engines will rank this page as high as possible for those searching for scouting cameras for wildlife viewing.

mpe5New to the Covert line in 2013 is the all new MP-E5. Looking to add a new simple easy to use camera to our line. The MP-E5 comes with Pre-Sets. These Pre-sets are fast and easy to change in the field because of their pre-programmed functions allowing you to tailor the camera quickly to what ever your set may be. The MP-E5 is sure to become a consumer favorite!
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mp6We had one thing in mind when designing the MP6: build a capable camera for a low cost! We accomplished this by including several key components and features from our top shelf cameras. Notice we didn’t take away quality.The MP6 makes 1 claim – MORE BANG for the BUCK! With the function and features included, it’ easy to see why the MP6was our Best Selling Camera of 2012!
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mp6blackThe goal for the MP6 Black: build a capable invisible flash camera at a low cost! Packed with all the same great features as it’s little brother, the MP6. The MP6 Black has 40 Invisible flash LED’s and 8MP post card quality photos! The MP6 Black is sure to become one of Covert’s best sellers of 2013!
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red40The RED 40 takes stunning post card quality 12 MP photos. New for 2013 includes the same key features asked for by our Covert family and friends as the Black 60 only with 40 Red Glow LED’s with a nighttime Illumination of over 60ft. It’s easy to see why everyone at Covert Loves the Red 40!
black60The Black 60 has all of the same attributes of the Code Black only without the wireless feature. Also by popular demand and NEW for 2013 is the addition of the HD video along with sound capability. The SD card capacity is now increased to a total of 32GB of memory storage. The Black 60 is the perfect camera for not only hunting but also security and surveillance with it’s 60 invisible flash LED’s!
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codeblackThe Special Ops “Code Black” Camera will instantly send pictures to your phone or email account. The “CODE BLACK” is perfect for scouting, security, and surveilance of your properties. NEW for 2013. It will have SMS abilities. Now you can send texts to your Code Black to Add/Delete phone numbers and email addresses. Change picture mode / video mode. aquire a picture, location and turn the MMS feature on and off!
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