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Extreme Series FAQs


  Q. My camera shuts off right after it comes on in set up mode. A. Make sure you have a 16 GB SD card in the camera or less. This can also happen if the SD card has not been formatted or it is corrupt. Q. What is the red flashing light on my camera? A. This is the light sensor. The light will only flash for about 15 seconds and then it will go off. Be sure that you DO NOT cover this up because your pictures will all be white. Q. My 2013 Black 60 or Red 40 will work in video mode but when in picture mode it won’t trigger! A. Return the camera to default setting, then setup the camera for picture mode. It will correct this issue. Q. My camera takes nonstop pictures every ( ) seconds or minutes until the card is full or batteries are dead. A. Make sure your timer switch is OFF. Check your settings and make sure you don’t have the time lapse or trigger interval set for that amount of time. Q. My camera keeps taking pictures of the trees or grass moving. A. Clear out the area in front of your camera to keep the foliage from triggering your camera. You can also adjust the PIR sensitivity. Q. I get “white out” pictures sometimes in the evening. A. There is a time period in the evenings where the camera switches to IR mode from day time mode which gives this result. Q. My camera’s IR lens appears to be loose and isn’t covering the camera lens. A. This is a normal feature. The camera once powered on moves the IR filter into the correct position. Q. Some of my pictures have a green tint to them! A. That means that your SD card is corrupting the files. You need to get a new SD card. Q. My camera is set for ( ) second videos but it only takes 1 second videos A. This is usually a sign that the batteries are low and you need to try new batteries in the camera.
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