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2014 Outlook Firmware Update

(This is for 2014 Outlook’s only. If this update is performed on any other camera, it will not be covered under warranty!)

NOTE: In order to optimize your camera usage, firmware updates are encouraged. This firmware update is designed to correct the few dark pictures in the morning, extend battery life and reduce error of camera malfunction such as not taking pictures.


Download The Outlook Firmware update version V1.66.16 below.
Outlook Firmware Update Download
Save the .bin file to an unlocked SD card.


Take the SD card our of the computer.


LOCK the SD card and insert it into the camera. (To lock your SD card, it is that small switch on the upper left side of the SD card. Press the switch down and it will be locked.)


Switch the camera to the SETUP position, wait until the COVERT logo appears on the display screen(this completes the firmware update). Do not turn the camera’s power off while the 
upgrade is in process


While the camera is still on setup mode, press the menu button. Then scroll over to the SYS tab. Under that tab scroll down until you see “Default”. Press OK. This will take you back to the main screen of the camera. You will see through the lens of the camera. You may then take the SD card out of your camera and UNLOCK the SD card. (To unlock your SD card, press that small switch on the upper left side up and it will be unlocked.)

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