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To expedite troubleshooting and camera questions, please use the following links for your model for answers to many questions in regard to use of your Covert camera, including setup questions and other tips for the operation of your camera. If you are unable to find the answer, please fill out our contact us form below. We will email or call you with either an answer for your issue or an RMA # and instructions for returning your camera.

2016-2020 Covert Scouting Cameras Warranty Policy and Procedure

2009-2015 Covert Scouting Cameras Warranty Policy and Procedure

Please fill out the form and click submit, a Covert Staff member will then contact you with help and instructions. We will need all information requested to process your return or provide the answers to your questions. Our reply will include a RMA number and instructions for Return, if needed. Please do not mail cameras without contacting us prior to receiving an RA number. Please do not double submit.

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    Firmware Refresh for Network Enabled Devices

    1. Turn camera into setup mode
    2. Let it fully connect to the network
    3. Hit menu
    4. Go over to your NET tab
    5. Go down to FW update and press OK then YES
    6. Let it reach 100% and follow the remaining steps that will show on the camera display screen.
    7. Once that’s done you will need to upload and download your settings under the SYS tab.


    Manual Firmware Downloads

    **To receive firmware, please email support@dlccovert.com with your serial number and camera model located on the inside stickers of your devices.**

    STEP 1
    Download the firmware update sent via support email.
    Save the .bin file to an unlocked SD card.
    STEP 2
    Take the SD card our of the computer.
    STEP 3
    LOCK the SD card and insert it into the camera. (To lock your SD card, it is that small switch on the upper left side of the SD card. Press the switch down and it will be locked.)
    STEP 4
    Switch the camera to the SETUP position, wait until the COVERT logo appears on the display screen(this completes the firmware update). Do not turn the camera’s power off while the
    upgrade is in process
    STEP 5
    While the camera is still on setup mode, press the menu button. Then scroll over to the SYS tab. Under that tab scroll down until you see “Default”. Press OK. This will take you back to the main screen of the camera. You will see through the lens of the camera. You may then take the SD card out of your camera and UNLOCK the SD card. (To unlock your SD card, press that small switch on the upper left side up and it will be unlocked.)


    How to Upload and Download Your Settings

    1. Press menu
    2. Go over to your SYS tab.
    3. Go down to upload settings and press OK
    4. Wait until it says 100% synchronized successfully.
    5. Press your menu button to exit.
    6. Tab down once to Download settings and press OK
    7. Wait till it says 100% synchronized successfully.
    8. Now press your menu button twice to take you back out to the main viewing screen.


    Sending a Manual Photo

    1. Press your SHOT button
    2. Press the OK button
    3. Hit menu
    4. Go down to send
    5. Wait the send progress hits 100% and check the App to see if the photo came through…If so, go ahead and turn your camera to the ON position and you should be good to go!

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