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Code Black FAQs



Q. I took my SIM card and SD card from one of my Working Code Blacks and put them in a different one, but now I am getting a log in fail.
A. You have to redo the GSM setup and save it on the SD card whenever you change it from camera to camera.


Q. How do I know if my cell phone provider is compatible with the Code Black cameras?
A. The SIM card put in the camera just needs to come from the GSM network, which is generally AT&T or T-Mobile. Once you have that, the camera will send pictures to any phone number or e-mail account.


Q. I have bars on my camera but I am still getting a log in fail.
A. Format the SD card and start the set up again according to our how to video.


Q. What is the red flashing light on my camera?
A. This is the light sensor.  The light will only flash for about 15 seconds and then it will go off.  Be sure that you DO NOT cover this up because your pictures will all be white.


Q. My camera was working fine, sending pictures to my phone but has suddenly stopped.
A. You need to call and see if there is still money on the SIM card and go check your camera to see that it still has enough signal and see if the batteries are not dead. Also check your daily limit on the SD card. The default is 10. You will want to raise that limit if you want more pictures sent to your phone per day.


Q. Can I just swap SD cards out of my camera without having to go through the GSM setup?
A. No. There is no internal memory in the cameras. If you do not go through the GSM setup and save the profile to your SD card, the camera will not be able to send pictures. It will however still take pictures and store them to the SD card.


Q. My camera stops sending me pictures around the same time everyday.
A. You need to check and see if you have the cameras start stop set so the camera only operates between certain times or you have the number of photos limited that the camera can send per day.



Q. Will the daily report feature send me one text with all the photos that were taken that day?
A. No, the daily report feature will send you a report telling you how many photos were taken that day accompanied by the most recent photo taken.


Q. My camera is set for ( ) second videos but it only takes 1 second videos
A. This is usually a sign that the batteries are low and you need to try new batteries in the camera.


Q. I keep getting intermittent/random pictures.
A. If you are sending the pictures from your Code Black to more than one person, be sure not to respond to the group text at all since the camera cannot recognize the text messages.

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