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2014 Code Black FAQ’s

2014 3G Code Black FAQ’s:

Q. I keep getting the red flashing light. What does this mean? A. You need to call AT&T and add the text feature plan back to your account. Also, change your IMEI number to all 9’s to reflect a basic phone. Q: My manual has an extra “O” ring/seal. What is this for? A: You don’t need to do anything with this seal; it is an extra one just-in-case. Q: What does the FW version mean on my camera? A: The FW version is reference to our engineers to ensure a speedy and efficient warranty repair should the need arise. Q: What does the “AA” and Ni-MH” setting mean? A: Be sure to switch the setting to “AA” when using AA batteries and “Ni-MH” when using rechargeable Ni-MH rechargeable batteries or any external power supply. Q: Will the camera send pictures to my phone even if I have Verizon or Sprint? A: YES! The cameras will send to any phone number. The SIM card itself must be from a GSM provider, like AT&T™ or T-Mobile™, but your Code Black will send anywhere. Think of it as its own cell phone! Q: My camera will not send any command codes, such as #500# or #510#. A: SOME TOWERS DO NOT SUPPORT ALL COMMANDS. This is strictly a signal issue with your network provider, not a manufacturer’s defect. Q: My camera only sends messages sometimes. What’s wrong? A: You need to have at least a 30 second trigger interval. Your trigger interval needs to double for every phone number and/or email address that you enter in your NET setup. Example: If you enter three phone numbers/email address then you need to have a three minute trigger interval. Q: Do I need a data plan or a text feature package? A: If you want to send to your phone via text, you need the text feature package only. If you want to send to your e-mail, you can also use the text feature package. You have the option to use “data only” by customizing your UOV Setup on your camera. Q. I keep getting intermittent/random pictures.  Why? A. If you are sending the pictures from your Code Black to more than one person, be sure not to respond to the group text at all since the camera cannot recognize the text messages.
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