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2014 3G Code Black

Code-Black-3G-2If you are experiencing issues with your 2014 3G Code Black:
-If your Code Black is working intermittently and only taking a few pictures or you are only receiving a few pictures.
-If your Code Black will not respond to command codes but once were.
-If your Code Black will send you a manual picture but when you put it out to test, it will send you 2-8 pictures and the red light starts blinking on the front and no longer takes or sends pictures
This is an AT&T network issue-You will have to contact AT&T go phone service at 800-901-9878. You will need to have them check to see if you are still on the 10 cent per minute plan. You will then need to see if you are still on the texting package (either the 1000 texts for 9.99 or the unlimited for 19.99) if they say you are on this texting feature have them take it off and re-add the feature so it will reconfigure your account. Also, make sure your IMEI # is all 1’s. (111111111111111) if you are on a prepaid account. or IMEI # 355969041948057 for a postpaid account. Once they have reconfigured your account you may have to manually turn your camera off and back on for the changes to be made.
We do apologize for the issues you are having. If you still have more questions please contact us at support@dlccovert.com.

2014 3G Code Black Manual

2014 3G Code Black FAQ’s

2014 3G Code Black Setup Video

  *To purchase the correct SIM card and plan for your 2014 Code Black* To have your Code Black send pictures to your cell phone or email address, you will need to get a standard size SIM card from any GSM provider. The SIM card must be set up with the proper plan in order to work so follow the instructions below:

If Purchasing from an AT&T store:

The camera will send to any provider’s phone, but you must have a SIM card installed from a GSM provider. There are several options for choosing a plan for your Code Black camera. 1. The go-phone 10 cent a minute plan from AT&T is an economical choice, (note the camera will never use voice minutes, nor is a data package required), with the text message feature plan of either the 1000 texts at $9.99 per month or the unlimited at $19.99 per month. There is no contract involved with this plan. Please stress that auto-renewal be placed on the message plan chosen when activating your account. (If your 2014 Code Black 3G camera does not have the firmware version, then please update to this FW to ensure compatibility with the AT&T’s plan.) Check your camera firmware version by going to the menu, SYS tab and select FW. If an IMEI number is required, use the IMEI number off of your camera.  If you get network busy and/or login fail, then use IMEI number 355969041948057. 2. You may also purchase a sim card at other retail stores, such as Wal-Mart and follow the instructions on the package for activation, using the above (Item 1) instructions. 3. You can also add a line to your current plan if you are using a GSM network. Please make sure that you have MMS capabilities turned on as well as voice minutes activated on your plan. You do not have to have data for the camera to work.  

SMS Commands for 2014 3G Code Black

  • ADD Phone Number: #140#1#phonenumber# (11 digits)
  • Delete Phone Number: #140#0#phonenumber# ( 11 digits)
  • ADD Email Address: #141#1#email address#
  • Delete Email Address: #141#0#email address#
  • Set to Picture Mode: #310#P#
  • Set to Video Mode: #310#V#
  • Acquire Picture: #500#
  • Location: #510#
  • Turn MMS On: #200#ON#
  • Turn MMS Off: #200#OFF#
  • Set Instant Mode: #100#i#0#(0-99)
  • Set Daily Report: #100#dr#hh#mm#
  • Send to Phone: #102#phone#
  • Send to Email: #102#email#
  • PIR ON: #320#on#
  • PIR OFF: #320#off#
IMPORTANT NOTE: The SMS switch MUST be set to ON in the NET set-up for the SMS function to work. *SOME TOWERS DO NOT SUPPORT ALL COMMANDS.* ERROR MESSAGES:
    • 1. There isn’t enough cell signal for your camera to log into the network ( we do offer booster antennas that will give you an additional 1-2 bars)
    • 2. The information entered via the GSM setup is entered incorrectly or in the wrong format.
    • 3. The SIM card may be “locked” (contact your network provider to unlock the SIM card)
    • 1. SIM card has ran out of funds.
    • 2. There isn’t enough signal to send the picture.
    • 3. The information is entered to the SD card from the GSM setup incorrectly.
    • 1.Occurs when there are no reciepiants entered into the SD card
    • 2. The profile hasn’t been saved correctly. (the path must be saved to where the SD card is located in the computer drive.
    • 3. Make sure there are no spaces or dashes in the recipients
    • 4. Make sure there is the number 1 is added before the phone numbers added (Example: 1xxxxxxxxxx) 1 then area code, then phone number, no spaces or dashes.
    • 5. Also may happen when there is no $ balance left on the SIM Card.
    • 1. There isn’t enough signal to successfully send the image.
    • 2. Also may happen when there is no money balance for the SIM card or provider has given you the wrong sim card and you will need to contact them and have them provide you with the correct SIM card.

If Purchasing from a T-Mobile store:

You may need to change your IMEI number to all 3’s.  (333333333333333).  Your SIM card needs to reflect a basic phone with both talk and text.

Code Black Setup on a Mac

screen shot
  1. With the activated SIM card and SD card in the camera, turn the camera to setup. Press menu then scroll over to the “SYS” tab and go down until you see format, click on it and choose “yes” to format. Now scroll up and over to the “NET” tab. Scroll down until you see “Download Tool” and click on it. Now turn the camera off, eject the SD card and put into your Mac.
  2. Go to http://www.codeweavers.com  There, you can download a 14-day “trial” of “Crossover”.
  3. Once you have installed “Crossover”—and the program is launched—a dialogue box will appear that gives them several “dropdown” menu options. Click on “Will Install Other Application.”
  4. Then click on “Will Install From VOLUME1GSM Setup.ZIP.”
  5. Then click on “Will Install into the bottle ‘UOV SETUP.exe”.
  6. A new dialogue box will then pop up, allowing you to locate the SD card within the Finder window, select/click to enter the SD card, and can then select the NET Setup file.
  7. Once you click on that—the same dialogue box shown in your “instructions” diagrams in the manual will appear—and simply follow the steps as your manual outlines.
  8. Once you’ve set all the settings, then “change the path” per your instructions back to the SD card, click OK—and it’s done.
  9. Remove the SD card and put into the camera—and go through the remaining owner’s manual instructions to set up the camera.

Setting up your Code Black in Canada?  Be sure to use these settings with your GSM Provider. 



URL: http://mms.gprs.rogers.com


APN: rogers-core-apl1.apn APN = rogers-core-appl1.apn  ß this is L1, not 11 (the lowercase letter l, then the number 1)

Port: 80

Bell Cellular:

APN: pda.bell.ca

MMS Proxy: web.wireless.bell.ca:80

MMSC Server URL: http://mms.bell.ca/mms/wapenc

Bell Cellular Setup

Telus Cellular:


MMS: URL: http://aliasredirect.net/proxy/mmsc


APN: sp.telus.com

Port: 80


APN: sp.telus.com


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