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Reveal 8.0 Support

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REVEAL 8.0 Support

Reveal 8.0 Manual



Q. My camera shuts off right after it comes on in set up mode. A. Make sure you have an 8GB SD card in the camera or less. This can also happen if the SD card has not been formatted or it is corrupt. Q. My camera takes non stop pictures every ( ) seconds or minutes until the card is full or batteries are dead. A. Check your settings and make sure you don’t have the time lapse or trigger interval set for that amount of time. Q. My camera keeps taking pictures of the trees or grass moving. A. Clear out the area in front of your camera to keep the foliage from triggering your camera. You can also adjust PIR sensitvity to low. Q. I get “whited out” pictures sometimes in the evening. A. There is a time period in the evenings where the camera switches to IR mode from day time mode which gives this result. Q. My camera’s IR lens appears to be loose and isn’t covering the camera lens. A. This is a normal feature. The camera once powered on moves the IR filter into the correct position. Q. My camera is set to video mode but only takes video’s during the day! A. The Reveal is ONLY able to take Day Time Video.
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