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Covert II Support

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Covert II Support DLC COVERT II Owner Manual

[/ezcol_3fifth_end] Make sure you have fresh batteries and a 2 GB SD card ready.

Covert II FAQ’s

Q. My Covert II worked fine last year but this year I can’t program it. A. Check and make sure you have a 2GB SD card in the camera. If you have greater then a 2GB SD card in the camera this may be your problem. If this doesn’t work you can try a HOT REBOOT. Turn the camera on and remove the 2 center batteries. Leave them out for 10 seconds then put them back in. Q. I’ve lost my remote. Is there any way to program the camera without the remote? A. No, you have to have the remote to program the camera. If you need another remote you can order one from our online store or call the number in the Contact page to purchase one.
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